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Craig Phillips

B.App.Sc (physio) MPhysio (sports) APAM
Consultant Physiotherapist,
APA Sports Physiotherapist

Clinical Pilates Founder / DMA Director


Background: Craig started his career as a professional dancer with the Australian Ballet, where he developed what was to become a lifelong interest in Pilates.

After graduating from physiotherapy in 1987 and receiving special project grants from the Australia Council, Craig undertook further training in the USA and UK returning to establish the first Pilates clinic in Australia within a major sports medicine clinic, Prahran Sports Medicine in Melbourne. He developed a leading reputation with major stage and touring shows such as Cameron Mackintosh, Riverdance, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Melbourne Theatre Company, Cirque du Soleil to name but a few as one of the first to manage performers as high level athletes. He served 9 years on the Board of the International Association for Dance Medicine and Science working closely with international performing arts medicine specialists.

He continues to work with Olympic medal winners, Institutes of Sports, English Premier League, Australian and British Defence Forces and has overseen published masters and doctoral research projects in Australian, New Zealand and UK universities.

The effectiveness and popularity of this treatment method led Craig to establish training for other physiotherapists in. He continues to lecture and present extensively worldwide, to date having trained over 18,000 physiotherapists in Clinical Pilates.

Craig enjoys his work as a consultant treating patients, continuing his passion of developing and overseeing research projects into the Clinical Pilates programme.


Ian McFarland

Sports Titled Physiotherapist (APA); B.A.Sc. Physiotherapy; B.A.Sc. Physical Education; Post Grad. Exercise & Sports Science. Director Mont Albert Physiotherapy formerly Box Hill Physiotherapy.

Interests in: Adolescent Growth conditions; Pre & Post Surgical management; Hip Shoulder & Knee Arthroscope / reconstructive surgery.

Background:  Ian studied Physical Education and furthed that to post Grad and Physiotherapy Titled and with his experience applies your injury / condition specific to your needs. From casual bike rider to professional athlete; a injury from a accident in the garden to training for skiing the slopes. Ian applies his vast experience to YOUR scenerio.

Fee:  $105 / 30 mins (preferred provider for multiple health insurance companies)

Notable Acheivements:  Academic: PhD research treating Physiotherapist with Melbourne University on several papers including exercise & Management of Knee / Hip Arthrites. SPORT AFL: 1994-1996 Hawthorn F.C. senior Physiotherapist; 1988-93 Hawthron F.C. Injury & Exercise manager; Hockey 1997-1998 Scottish Women’s National squad; OLYMPICS 2000 Sydney Olympic Medical Team; RUGBY: 1996-1999 Scottish National Team support Physio (MurreyField) Premier League Physio Heriot’s F.P. Coach KenMilne (British Lion); World Rally Car Championship Team Physio 1996 Ford UK Lead Driver Carlos Sainz (World Champion) ; 1997 C555 Suberu Lead driver Colin McCrae (World Champion).

Available:  Mon-Fri

Edward Mak

B.App.Sc (Physio)(Hons Class I) – Sydney Uni, Physiotherapist with focus on Sport & Spinal conditions.

Interests in: Spinal & Joints conditions; Headaches & Migraine; Sports and Work-related injury rehabilitaion; Clinical Pilates; Dry needling.

Background:  Edward graduated from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy), achieving first-class honours. He is fluent in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin. Edward has worked in multiple physiotherapy clinics in the past and has also helped the South Croydon Football Club and Parramatta Goannas Football Club (NSW). Edward is enthusiastic about sports and musculoskeletal conditions, with particular interests in neck and back conditions, headaches, and sports injury rehab. He is confident in solving acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions resulting from lifestyles, sports, or work, with the use of manual and exercise-based therapy, Clinical Pilates, and dry needling. In his spare time, Edward is a frequent badminton and pool player

Notable Acheivements:  Extra knowledge: Clinical pilates; Dry needling. Worked with: 2021-2022 South Croydon Football Club (VIC), 2020 Parramatta Goannas Australian Football Club (NSW).

Available:  Tues/Wed/Thurs

Daniel Li

Master of Physiotherapy (Curtin University), Clinical Pilates Instructor, Physiotherapist with interests in Sports conditions and spinal pain.

Interests in: Pre & Post surgical management; headaches; sports-related injuries; workcover & TAC; dry needling, Clinical Pilates, geriatric rehabilitation.

Background:  Daniel graduated with a Masters of Physiotherapy from Curtin University in 2018. He is fluent in Mandarin and English. He has worked in other private clinics, aged care, and domicilliary care. He has worked for the Canning City Football Club, a state amateur league division one team in Western Australia. With genuine care for the clients, Daniel enjoys helping patients to achieve their health goals. Daniel is committed in treating acute and chronic spinal conditions, sports injuries, and post-op rehabilitation. Outside the clinic, Daniel enjoys hiking, gym, and skiing. He has trained in Royal Taekwondo Federation under Grand Master Son Myung Soo.

Notable Acheivements:  Clinical Pilates, Dry needling, Sports Massage. Worked with: 2018 Canning City Soccer Club (WA).

Available:  Mon/Wed/Thu

English/ Cantonese/ Mandarin

Russell Jones

Doctor of Physiotherapy
Physiotherapist, Physiotherapist with interests in Adolescent & Pilates, Physiotherapist,Specialist in Sports, SPORT’s TITLED Physiotherapist.

Helen Connor

Physiotherapist, Physiotherapist & Pilates, WOMEN’S, Men’s and Pelvic Health- inclusive of pre and post natal physiotherapy.

Vivian Wong

Master of Physiotherapy, Clincial Pilates instructor, Physiotherapist with interests in Pre-natal & post natal Pilates program.

Interests in: Musculoskeletal disorders, Pre& Post surgical rehabilitation, Pre& Post natal exercise, Geriatric rehabilitation.

Background:  Vivian is an experience physiotherapist who is fluent in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin. She gained her master’s degree in Physiotherapy from Hong Kong Polytechnic university, then further study in acupuncture and exercise rehabilitation (ACSM). She is also a clinical Pilates instructor. Vivian has over 20 years of working experience. She had been working in different clinical settings – from acute hospital, rehabilitation hospital, private clinic to age care settings. She has a solid grounding in pain management, pre & post-operative treatment, and rehabilitation. She has special interests in musculoskeletal injuries. Utilizing her well-rounded set of skills; hands-on manual therapy and, along with acupunture, movement patterns with use of Clinical Pilates, she can provide effective and efficient treatment as to optimise her client’s function and well-being.

Notable Acheivements:  Clinical Pilates, Dry needling, Sports Massage. Worked with: 2018 Canning City Soccer Club (WA).

Available:  Mon/Wed/Thu

English/ Cantonese/ Mandarin

Michelle Chu

Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Monash University), Clinical Pilates Instructor.

terests in: Conservative, Pre & Post surgical management; sports-related injuries; workcover & TAC; Clinical Pilates, return to sport testing.


Michelle is a physiotherapist and clinical Pilates instructor with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours) from Monash University. Before pursuing physiotherapy, Michelle worked in various office settings, usually behind a computer for most of the day and understands the impact that desk-based jobs can have on the body. Michelle has a holistic approach to treatment that empowers people to reach their goals. Michelle has developed skills in both the acute and end phase stages of therapy and worked closely with orthopaedic surgeons in a post-operative setting.

Michelle loves to keep active outside of work, whether it be shredding the slopes on her skis, swimming and working out at the gym, which has resulted in her fair share of injuries and rehabilitation. She also gives back to the sport she loves most by volunteering for Disabled Wintersport Australia.

Notable Acheivements:  Physio/Sports Trainer VAFA football; Physio local hockey team, Disability wintersport Australia volunteer; Clinical Pilates.

Available:  Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat

English/ Cantonese

Joey Zhong

Massage Therapist.

Sam Leung

Massage Therapist.