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What to Expect

Initial Assessment
As the founders of Clinical Pilates, your first appointment will be with an expert physiotherapist skilled in problem solving and combining treatment with exercise-based management. Our focus is addressing optimal function and identifying patterns of problems underlying chronic pain. We don’t just focus on the pain we focus on addressing the myriad of problems underlying your pain.  

Customised Plan & program
Based on your assessment, we develop a personalised Clinical Pilates treatment program tailored to your needs. This program will progress from a treatment phase into a maintenance phase.  

As chronic problems have often existed for many years this process is known to generally take 6-12 weeks. 

Ongoing Sessions
During your follow-up sessions, you will work closely with your physio on your customised Clinical Pilates program focussing on improving technique, monitoring progress, and making necessary adjustments to your program. Simple video assessment will document these changes

Benefits of Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates offers numerous benefits, including but not limited to: 

1. Core Strength & Functions

Improves the strength, function and stability of your key muscles. 

2. Enhanced Flexibility

Increases overall flexibility and range of motion by reducing joint stiffness

3. Posture Improvement

Promotes better posture and alignment. 

4. Injury Rehabilitation

Facilitates recovery from injuries and prevents recurrence. you’ll learn the ”secrets” of the elite athletes from the sporting and performing arts world that keep them functioning better for longer

5. Chronic Pain Relief

Alleviates chronic pain, especially back, neck hips and knees.

6. Stress Reduction

Encourages relaxation and reduces stress levels. Moving and functioning better is a key to stress relief

Our Service Techniques

Personalised Assessment
Every client begins with a thorough assessment to understand their specific needs, goals, and any existing conditions. This helps us tailor the Clinical Pilates program to each individual. 

Mat Based Exercises
We use a variety of mat-based exercises to improve core strength, flexibility, and stability. These exercises can be easily modified to suit all fitness levels and abilities.

Equipment-Based Exercises
Our clinic is equipped with our very own DMA Clinical Pilates equipment such as Reformers, Cadillacs, Trapeze Tables and Wunda Chairs. These tools provide Australia’s best resistance and support to help you achieve precise and controlled movements.

Breathing Techniques
Proper breathing techniques are integral to Clinical Pilates. We teach you how to coordinate your breath with movement to enhance performance and relaxation. 

Postural Education
Our program includes education on proper posture and body mechanics to help you maintain alignment and prevent injury in your daily activities.


Schedule an appointment

Please insure you have all relevant health insurance details with you upon arrival.  Each member of our team holds post graduate qualifications and are a member of the APA and preferred providers for Medibank, NIB and BUPA.

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Length of appointment:
30-75 mins

What to bring:
We recommend a water bottle, grip socks, a sweat towel, sneakers and health insurance information.


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